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I rarely post about things of legal or political nature but this has gotten too far. Liberty Fraternity Equality, France's motto since the revolution couldn't be more hypocritical. Whatever happened to freedom of expression? Funny how a country proclaims to be so progressive, calls itself the cradle of art and we call the Americans reactionary? Imagine someone making a documentary equivalent to Fahrenheit 911 about the state of french politics?  Below is a link of a short documentary about a very special place tucked in the hills of St Romain au Mont d'Or in Lyon France. The Abode of Chaos has been battling in court for years and is facing a grave fate. The destruction of over 3000 pieces of art. I won't go into details of the judicial procedures it has been enduring as the film explains very clearly what the Abode of Chaos and its owner are being prosecuted for. It's in french but subtitled, unfortunately some of the interviews have not been translated but a V2 is coming soon. Until then, watch it and pass it along.


Tomorrow in Lyon...

Back in France but with  tummy full of oysters and champagne makes the cold and snow somewhat manageable... shall warm up tomorrow @ Le Domaine for an evening for the ladies only, show time is 21:00...its sold out but got a few invites to give out so send me a message if you're in the area.


Gallery Serpentine shoot

Only a week left in the sun :(

Lazy monday morning in Perth recovering from Sydney-Adelaide-Perth workshop marathon madness...The medical suite workshop proved to be almost more popular than the shibari ones!! Have met some really lovely people in the past 2 weeks and hope to keep in touch with. Miss Dee, Mr P, Larry and Ayelet from Uber crew are probably looking forward to us leaving the country so they get a holiday!!!! We worked them hard :( Dee is manager extraordinaire!!

Next up is Melbourne again. dec 12th i'll be spending an evening with the ladies from House of Fetish for a rope workshop then sunday dec 13th is Medical 101 to be held at Domina's Realm. 
Now let's see if i can find some pics of shows...


Good'day all :)

New Zealand was fantastic, thank you to all who made it possible; Glen from the Fetish Ball, SteveC and Puss from UB, Naith and Hiedi from Absolution for their hospitality, Naylin for the beach house (this place is paradise) Northern bonds hosts for showing us some hidden treasures of the north island and all those who gave us positive and constructive feedback you know who you are! 
Back in Australia in the sun. Just came back from Brisbane where i did my first medical suite seminar...was such good fun! The Surgeon and Andrea were brave enough to let us demonstrate some skills on them!

Now here's what's coming up for the next couple of weeks


25th of november shibari level1

26th of november branding by Lukas Zpira

27th of november Performance @ Uber Noir 

28th of november Satomi's medical suite (medical play seminar)

28th of november suspension experience with Lukas Zpira

29th of november shibari level 2 & 4 (floor play and bamboo bondage)


30th of november Scarification and branding with Lukas Zpira

1st of december Shibari level 1

2nd of december Satomi's medical suite


5th of december Satomi's medical suite & Scarification and branding with lukas Zpira

6th of december shibari level 1 and 2


12th of december Shibari intensive 

For bookings and reservations please contact our manager 




Beautiful saturday morning over here, just sipping my morning coffee looking at the Waitemata harbour...Staying with some lovely people while in Auckland. Maybe going for a dive tomorrow..

This afternoon i'm hosting a meet and greet for Northern Bonds members. It will be at the Purple Bar so come by have a drink with me and pick my brain!!!. It'll be a nice way to kick off the fetish festivities coming up and would love to meet some of the folks involved in the community as im not often here. It is unfortunately for group members only but if you live in the area and would like to become involved just drop me a line :)


New Zealand Tour

Just arrived here in Auckland yesterday.. Melbourne was great. Good shows, bit bruised up but that's part of the fun..did manage to spend a bit of time with Empress Stah wich was lovely.  Had 3 shibari seminars with great students. Thanks To Kitten from Kink-e for the festivities..Hope to be back next year
November 7       :Performance Fetish ball @ Auckland, New Zealand
November 13     :Performance Fetish Ball @ Wellington, New Zealand
November 14     :Performance Fetish Ball @ Christchurch New Zealand

Playing with fire ;)


by Lukas Zpira


random photos from performance @ Souterrain in Nancy


by wayne quilliam

this is promising!!

Melbourne’s biggest Kink Festival !
We’re counting down to OZKinkFest09 - the kinkiest 10 days Melbourne has seen for a very long time! 
It will be a spectacular festival where everyone can safely explore their utmost fantasies and discover
Melbourne’s vibrant ambiance.  And it will give kinksters the opportunity to create long-lasting friendships
and meet kinksters face to face who we often only chat to online. In addition to the main events there will
be workshops throughout the week by international and local presenters. 
So whether you are a fetish fashionista, a pain slut, a slave in training, a seasoned player or a curious
newbie OzKinkFest will have something for everyone. You can even purchase an
Event Pass which gives you access to the 4 key events at a huge discount.
for more information on attending OzKinkFest
Saturday, 17 October 2009
Blue Velvet Bar, 60 Smith Street, Collingwood
Everyone welcome
The kinky fun starts here !
Provocation is the launch event for OzKinkFest. Provocation is a niche play/social event for those kinksters who like a chic, classy and intimate venue and the option to play or socialise.
Come along and check out who is in town for this fantastic festival. Provocation will include a marquee to extend our play space beyond the 3 floors we already have.
It’s held at Blue Velvet, a boutique venue in the heart of Collingwood's energetic Smith St. There is space for suspension, flogging, needles and spanking as well as a cage for those exhibitionists! 
We will also be providing hot food to fuel this awesome night of fun and debauchery.
Fetish Expo
Sunday, 18 October 2009
Fitzroy Town Hall, Corner of Napier and Moor Streets, Fitzroy
Everyone welcome
 The ultimate kinky & GLBTIQ Sexuality show !
The Melbourne Fetish Expo launched in 2008 and this year promises to be even better with over 40 stalls confirmed,
shows and demonstrations every hour and the Grand Fetish Fashion Show.
It’s a great place to come and find out about alternative lifestyles and to meet and socialise with those with similar interests.
Come along to find out about the latest fashions, clubs and events around Australia.
The Expo will again be held at Fitzroy Town Hall which boasts a fantastic theatre and stage ready for our fashion shows and kinky exhibitors.
                                          FANTASY FAIR / XSIV LEATHER / DARK MUSE   
Hellfire Resurrection
Friday, 23 October 2009
Billboard Nightclub, 170 Russell Street, Melbourne CBD
Everyone welcome
You don’t want to miss this one !
Hellfire Resurrection returns in 2009 and promises an amazing night at one of the best venues in Melbourne. The split levels at Billboard Nightclub ensure everyone has a great viewing perspective of the amazing performances throughout the night.  With an incredible light and sound system this promises to be the biggest Fetish night Australia has ever seen! Lukas Zpira and Satomi will return to the Hellfire stage in a captivating performance along with performers from the UK and Melbourne. After these inspirational performances the crowd will get creative in the play areas or down and dirty on the dance floor with DJ Crossy on deck. Hellfire Resurrection is definitely a night you don’t want to miss!
Klub Kunst
Saturday, 24 October 2009
Vedette Nightclub, Corner Buckley & Nicholson Streets, Footscray
Everyone welcome
A night for hardcore players !
Klub Kunst will be a filthy dirty, dressed-up, messed-up hardcore players night with 3 separate play areas, a boxing ring and outdoor wet areas. 
Live performances by Satomi (Japan), Sado BJ & pepper and Master S & C will enthrall you throughout the night.
It will appeal to hardcore BDSM players who appreciate a night surrounded by like-minded kinksters  who know their boundaries and how to push them.
Basically it’s a night of unrestricted play where anything goes!
Hot food will be served throughout the night and DJ Kapitolina will turn up the volume for a no holes barred night of kinky pleasure
All details on events and tickets sales:

Myspace deleted this!!!!



yayyy! its my birthday tomorrow :)

want to make me happy? don't know what to get me?
heres some ideas....contact me for size info....happy shopping!!!!!!














just took a little break but back with lots of new pics, show dates and beautifully updated website so i know you'll forgive me for being such a lazy girl :) 

So on to juicy news, for those who were looking forward to my show in Vegas i must apologize (actually the bank @ the Bellagio should be the one apologizing) i had to cancel, or to be more precise i was censored. According to the club manager they don't have a cabaret license therefore absolutely no nudity is tolerated. But its Vegas you might say, well i was told that the content of my show was a bit too sexual, my costume too revealing (nipple tassles are indecent?? come on!!) i shall do no fire (fair enough) and draw no blood (no fun) BUT they were really keen on me doing my show regardless...only after all these restrictions there was nothing left of my show. SO now im extremely frustrated and will tear up the stage in Oz... wich leads me to the next news bit...
The next shows are:
October 17         :Performance for provocation@ Melbourne, Australai
October 18         :Rope workshop fetish expo @ Melbourne, Australia
October 23         :Performance for Hellfire Resurrection@ Melbourne, Australia
October 24         :Performance Klub Kunst @ Melbourne, Australia
November 7       :Performance Fetish ball @ Auckland, New Zealand
November 13     :Performance Fetish Ball @ Wellington, New Zealand
November 14     :Performance Fetish Ball @ Christchurch New Zealand
November 21     :Performance Sensual Ball @ Sydney Australia