Please watch

I rarely post about things of legal or political nature but this has gotten too far. Liberty Fraternity Equality, France's motto since the revolution couldn't be more hypocritical. Whatever happened to freedom of expression? Funny how a country proclaims to be so progressive, calls itself the cradle of art and we call the Americans reactionary? Imagine someone making a documentary equivalent to Fahrenheit 911 about the state of french politics?  Below is a link of a short documentary about a very special place tucked in the hills of St Romain au Mont d'Or in Lyon France. The Abode of Chaos has been battling in court for years and is facing a grave fate. The destruction of over 3000 pieces of art. I won't go into details of the judicial procedures it has been enduring as the film explains very clearly what the Abode of Chaos and its owner are being prosecuted for. It's in french but subtitled, unfortunately some of the interviews have not been translated but a V2 is coming soon. Until then, watch it and pass it along.