ich bin ein berliner!!

but only for a week :( time for a little update.. now in berlin and will be performing here on wednesday night. All guest will be welcomed with a glass of chamapagne by the fireplace, sounds lovely! dont forget to check out the cells in the basement.. then head straight to the boudoir for my show! midnight buffet also sounds quite decadent! see you all there..


performing this sunday in Geneva

@ L'USINE...with lukas Zpira and OURAKEN


Tokyo Love Blog

Right.. this is my second attempt at keeping a blog but i promise ill make an effort this time, really! Hitting tour in a few days, its getting harder to keep in touch, here's 2 video teasers, the first one is a collaboration piece with musicien/videastes OURAKEN from switzerland. It was a performance presented during the Borderline Biennale in Lyon, inside the bunker at the Abode of Chaos. The second one was created by our good friend EDP, also a performance piece but this one with the ART-KOR collektive, filmed in the middle of the winter in Bordeaux inside a very cold warehouse !! It took 9 hours. I'll post news, pics and flyers when possible, see you around!