just took a little break but back with lots of new pics, show dates and beautifully updated website so i know you'll forgive me for being such a lazy girl :) 

So on to juicy news, for those who were looking forward to my show in Vegas i must apologize (actually the bank @ the Bellagio should be the one apologizing) i had to cancel, or to be more precise i was censored. According to the club manager they don't have a cabaret license therefore absolutely no nudity is tolerated. But its Vegas you might say, well i was told that the content of my show was a bit too sexual, my costume too revealing (nipple tassles are indecent?? come on!!) i shall do no fire (fair enough) and draw no blood (no fun) BUT they were really keen on me doing my show regardless...only after all these restrictions there was nothing left of my show. SO now im extremely frustrated and will tear up the stage in Oz... wich leads me to the next news bit...
The next shows are:
October 17         :Performance for provocation@ Melbourne, Australai
October 18         :Rope workshop fetish expo @ Melbourne, Australia
October 23         :Performance for Hellfire Resurrection@ Melbourne, Australia
October 24         :Performance Klub Kunst @ Melbourne, Australia
November 7       :Performance Fetish ball @ Auckland, New Zealand
November 13     :Performance Fetish Ball @ Wellington, New Zealand
November 14     :Performance Fetish Ball @ Christchurch New Zealand
November 21     :Performance Sensual Ball @ Sydney Australia